Friday, July 22, 2011

Lessons from Yesterday/Today for tomorrow

1. In gym, whenever weight calculations are being done be sure to include bone density calculations in picture specially if you'r falling on the higher side, you will end up trying to reduce fat which doesn't exists.

2. Do not ignore the weights that have been put up earlier by somebody. The guy doing earlier might be hippopotamus  or distant cousin of (schwarzenegger or stallone) and you would end up cursing yourself and find yourself on an accelerated route from singhal to singham. A word of Caution: Follow this strictly when you are doing the awful once in a week leg press or otherwise you will end up the whole day in office pretending to be walking normally but in reality it feels somebody had really hit hard on a not so comfortable area between the legs.

3. While the key things to working out are supporter, gloves, guards etc. but nobody really bothers for a nose cap or something to block the spurious fumes ejected by the unkindly folks who passes more air from below than breathe in while pulling weights.

4. You could become a hulk hogan or a similar type walking with a swagger but you will never be prepared to carry a backpack and a laptop bag in delhi metro. And if that's not enough there will be amazing passengers who will push you around for the heinous crime committed. The only saving grace is use your asset to your advantage, place the backpack and sit on it and enjoy the look on faces of other passengers.