Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why Aam Aadmi Party has betrayed aam jawaan of India??

It was in October 2010 that I first saw Mr Arvind Kejriwal at the Pan IIT Conclave in Noida. Frankly speaking, I was mesmerized by his speech and crusade against corruption. It was in april when Anna Hazare started the Anti Corruption Movement that Mr. Kejriwal again stole the limelight. Flash forward some months later, AAP is formed braving all accusations of having vested interests. Aiding their cause was people's frustration with UPA government. Scams after scams kept happening and it looked like the Manmohan Singh's government has lost all shame and control over it's own ministers. People frustrations at loss of jobs, simmered, until it found AAP as the voice that struck the right chords. A slowing economy with no growth and development was adding more pressure to price rises and middle class monthly expenditure. Media coverage to AAP as people's movement was extensive. We believed they were honest and professionals who will do the right thing. Most of all as an IITian the major emotional aspect was that it was led by an astute alumni and thus things could never go wrong. For years politicians had treated us merely bystanders and now was the time the youth stood for change and what we believed in. 
The congress was in power since 15 years in Delhi and 10 years in Central Govt.. Naturally they were suppose to be worst hit here. BJP was sleeping, seemingly overconfident and largely unawares of now famous term #AAPeffect. Nobody really believed that AAP's survey of 45 seats would actually come true but still they came quite close to halfway mark. Even though AAP fell short of majority it had achieved a number which gave an euphoria to all ardent supporters. AK himself said we won't take support from either Congress or the BJP and would prefer to sit in opposition rather than doing the needful. The joke was also made about BJP- Congress partnership. 

U Turn No. 1 

Now all logic fails when we get to know eventually what happened #AAPCon. How it was justified through Youtube ads was infuriating. As per me, this was the biggest betrayal of trust of youth in modern India. All the mamta, jaya, mayawati, bjd's, soren flip overs have been historic but none of them were unexpected. Because all these were regional and community supported, we could have never trusted them to heed national interests or entertain popular opinions. But here was a party who kind of way represented us, our voice, our feelings and above all, anger against congress/ UPA governance & corruption. And if this compromise suits them then they lose all credibility of pointing fingers at any alliance. We didn't want it to get tainted, they were supposed to be sacrosanct - our WMD's against corruption. Sadly, life isn't fair and we all have to deal with this heartbreak forever.
AAP's U turns: Video

U Turn No. 2 
Now AAP might say they don't care about support and only about governance, then why has there been no cases of corruption pursued against any of congress ministers?? Why CWG is not coming up as priority No.1?? Why suddenly they want proof of all corruption?? Didn't they in the first place prepared the draft report of 370 pages against previous govt. Why suddenly all govt officers are fair and if corruption was all about politicians why nobody is being held unaccountable?? And if there was nothing wrong with previous system then why in the world did we vote for you. This leads to serious consequences because as per the "deal" the present govt will not be effective to full and will always work under limitation of not pursuing anything against congress, keeping them happy while enjoying support to do what congress loves to do. Freebies!!!

Populist Measures
The big manifesto containing 18 points created quite a big headline. It was understood that it's precise and hard hitting. Slowly and slowly AAP is tampering it with ifs and buts. It started with free water and discounted electricity, which as per the manifesto pre elections we were told that it's because of corruption and inefficiency of previous government that we are having price rises. And exactly, who is the target audience?? Because I am sure that poor do not have any meters installed at their rented homes & jhuggi clusters. The same trend that was popularized by congress with free food and other schemes is being replicated in an already wearing economy.  Now suddenly doles are offered as part of subsidy and loss to government. Moreover the so called 'manifesto' never mentioned these freebies will be only for few people. I thought AAP was all about inclusive government where in all will have an equal share in benefits and policies. Why the sudden turn on the governance issues, why the initial hogwash and hoopla?? Imagine a family of six- eight paying the price of a nuclear couple who is enjoying the luxury of wasting excess water. If we had wanted free water congress could have given it, they would have also given utensils to use in addition to this :). Corruption exists and is encouraged due to these illogical decisions. People want to enjoy benefits of such scheme and are willing to grease the middlemen to get this even if they are not the intended audience. Arvind Kejriwal of all people should know that IITians every year do several research projects so that they can find alternatives and efficient measures to natural resources. These decisions are mockery of their efforts. You are in power but does that give you a right to give it for free. What about future generation who will have to think hard and fast to get these resources even for basic needs??

All that sham and Pigs in Animal Farms start showing their colours.
George Orwell wrote an outstanding satirical "Animal Farm". The way AAP is functioning exactly mirrors to what has been described as after effects of a brainwashed revolution. 
Animal Farm : George Orwell
False austerity measures were blamed to be perks costing the public. It was hyped that these were not necessities and His Excellency Premier of Janta Darbar, Sir Arvind Kejriwal in an interview himself said that AAP ministers would live between the public to serve them with no special privileges. Now I do realize that these are not perks but sometimes necessary to do government work. But then why the fake show initially and now all that jazz. Creating a hype on petty things like that again makes me assume that people were taken for ride. You say the government in Delhi has given you a residence when you yourself is the man in charge makes mockery of everything and provokes a wry smile. 

And the list goes on and on...
As their national ambitions are shaping up they are trying to turn the anti Congress supporter base to anti BJP by political brainwashing of emotional volunteers. 'Now' they have also announced, their intentions of increasing reservations for lower castes and women.
Prashant Bhushan wants a referendum on article 370, let's do that on reservations also. If there is one thing which evokes strong reactions it's that after 60 years of independence we still want to pathetically increase reservations rather than create avenues for holistic development. 

As a youth I am starting to have doubts at having trusted the wrong people. There are no talks of jobs, adding revenues or doing any development. We were taught to conserve water in schools which no longer remains the need as per AAP. We grew up feeling disgruntled against reservations but still nothing has improved for good. If economy doesn't pick up now and AAP continues it's political brainwashing against the system it might lead to massive breakdown among the youth. In all my interactions with AAP supporters who support emotionally and financially (through donations), once they come to logical debate,  nobody has a counter agreement to any of above. They just reply that it's just few days and things will improve, but what if it doesn't??  More importantly, do we have time to take chance?? What if this influences the national elections and as things stand we have a fractured mandate?? India's biggest call for freedom 'Vande Matram' is being feverishly used to moralize people to support AAP where in reality our 'Matram' would never be 'Vande' if things continue like this. While we remain stooges to the selfish populist measures in short term, we become week and fragile in the long term. These are tough times for young India who are considereing demographic dividends, the biggest hope of India. If things stand like this India's biggest asset will become its biggest hurdle, unknowingly acting as puppets to strings we even don't know who is controlling. Shuddering thoughts. May better sense prevail.