Friday, April 4, 2014

Jhumri Talliya People upset with AAP for not making any twitter handle in their name

The magical mythical city of Jhumri Talliya has been quite famous among Indians from time im-memorial. It has always been said that any unique person having jaw dropping ideas is said to be automatically assumed to have come from Jhumri Talliya. AAP being a party formed on similar revolutionary ideas can be said to be have strong relations with this place. Inspite of this Jhumri Talliya residents are upset that AAP has still not made any twitter handle in their name.

It must be mentioned that AAP has a strong presence in twitter and competes strongly with BJP for space. Even though Congress prides itself with several ORIGINAL IDs under people belonging from Republic of Tuvalvu to Mogadishu, it hasn't been taken seriously by congress state offices. But AAP which prides itself as party of IITians, has taken twitter by storm and has quite an active number of volunteers. Apparently, with AAP expanding its frontiers from Delhi to cover India and subsequently to entire World is also planning to setup branches in Neptune, Pluto and even outside Milky Way. To highlight this AAP has setup twitter accounts from each of the cities, state and countries separately. So much so that there are places where you will have two AAP accounts like @OdishaAAP and @AAPOdisha.

Seeing this people of Jhumri Talliya were hopeful that AAP would not only have twitter account in its name but also setup office there. Meanwhile, the local leader Sheikh Chilli is even prepping up to get a nomination under AAP ticket. He has also highlighted the fact that he has clocked a total of 3 days of Dharna to prepare for the same.

On highlighting this to Ankit Lal, IT Admin of AAP, he said that he realizes there has been an error in this and they are planning to get it corrected. Inside reports however say that delay has been because of lack of funds. The automated software setup to send mass twitter messages currently has an upper limit on no. of accounts. They have requested for additional funding to buy more space for accounts. They say that some Modi agents are unnecessarily highlighting this trivial issue and it will be sorted soon. 

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