Wednesday, April 9, 2014

There is nothing like Aam Aadmi in AAP anymore.

We love underdogs and everybody wants them to win. To show that their is hope in this world and world is not just for privileged few. The success story of AAP in Delhi elections was not just because they got 28 seats but because they got 28 seats with almost all unknown candidates. Common man like us, the Aam Aadmi. Sadly though post the govt. formation the arrival of so called celebrities has hijacked the party to the extent that its Aam Aadmi anymore. Infact it has more khaas aadmis, than even BJP & Congress. I would summarize how AAP has gone horribly wrong.

Celebrity Endorsement
The affluent list includes Journalists Ashutosh, Ashish Khaitan , Shazia Ilmi, Jarnail Singh, Rakhi Birla; artists Gul Panag, Javed Jaffrey, Balwant Mann, Kumar Vishwas; ex CEO's Meera Sanyal, Balakrishnan, host of famous naxalites or so called activists, dynastic sons Rajmohan Gandhi, Adarsh Shastri. You can't single out even a single candidate in Delhi as an Aam Aadmi on the contrary their personal wealth ranges in crores. Who are we kidding then when we say this party will look at interests of aam aadmi when it no longer trusts the very aam aadmi volunteers that helped it in Delhi Elections. Why did it get difficult for the dictatorial style driven party to give tickets to worthy candidates instead of media hogging retards. Media created huge hype on BJP stalwarts being sidelined and tickets given to worthy candidates. Nobody mentioned the ploy that AAP now has done so cleverly.

  • AAP tried to pass the bill to waive off the bills for AAP supporters who played along with Kejriwal. This type of self centered motive driven policy is a type of corruption and the courts were wise enough to stop this. The policy reminds the Congress reservation tactics. 
  • Manish Sisodia misused NGO funds and giving fake expense bills.
  • The IAS officer who gave clean chit to Vadra and replaced honest Khemka, Yudhvir Khayalia,is fighting on AAP ticket from Hissar.
  • Gurnam Singh Chudni wife Balwant Kaur given ticket from Kurukshetra after backlash of nominating Chudni first who is involved in illegal land grabbing acitivities & mass corruption
  • Former bureacurat Arun Bhatia and realtor DS Kulkarni alleged dishonesty and lack of transparency in ticket distibution by AAP.
  • Kejriwal's Uncle is rather infamous for being part of Land Mafia and regularly using influence to intimidate people. 
  • Mahender Singh, AAP Nominee from North west Delhi forced to resign after he accuses Rakhi Birla for demanding 7 lakh rupees. AAP reaction to this is it replaced Mahender Singh with Rakhi Birla. Amazing !!!
Women Rights
  • Spamnath Bharti along with his supporters misbehaved with Ugandan women and forced them to pee in public. Also famous for the company that spammed porn links. 
  • Yudhvir Khayalia is also facing sexual harassment charges. Wonder how much he paid, err donated to get AAP ticket.
  • AAP founder member and former diplomat Madhu Bhaduri quit party because women are not respected and that humanity within AAP is dead.
  • Mayank Gandhi says that  those people will give vote to Rakhi sawant who think "jinko maza maarna hoga".
  • AAP Workers in Mumbai apparently tears an old lady cop trousers during a rally in Mumbai
Criminal cases
  • 19% of AAP Candidates in fray for third phase have serious criminal cases including murder and extortion. Data taken from affidavits filed by candidates during nomination
  • 30 % AAP candidates from MP are billionaires and 40 percent have criminal cases against them.
  • Narendra Mohanty, from Kandhamal Orissa was nominated having 28 criminal cases with 3 attempt to murder, one attempt to murder and one dacoity & murder.
  • Ashutosh, the famous journalist has 3 cases against him.
Congress B Team
  • AAP, formed govt with Congress support based on a fake referendum stabbing on back the very supporters who voted it.
  • They hawk at BJP's nomination to congress candidates, but a closer analysis of the whole party strengthens the conclusion that AAP is the favourite hunting ground of ex Congress'ites. Take the curious case of Yogendra Yadav a self confessed "Salim", Served as a personal advisor to Rahul Gandhi in the 2009 elections and member of Sonia Gandhi's National Advisory Council. He is now famous for his increasing reservations speech and now popular inflammatory speech against Modi in Mewat.
  • Rakhi Birla - A reporter of a local news network Jain TV. Her father was again unsurprisingly member of Congress.
  • Shazia Ilmi - Previously a journalist and anchor with Star News now rechristened ABP news. She belongs to a family who are members of Congress and BSP. She fought elections in Delhi Assembly but lost. Chances are she will fight for MP also.
  • Kejriwal has been accused of having close ties with congress by AAP's own Ashwani Upadhaya and had even travelled to germany with Ashish Talwar, UPA Chairperson and close aide of Sonia Gandhi. Kejriwal in lucknow rally said that only Congress president Sonia Gandhi can ensure a strong jan lokpal, which can put all corrupt politicians behind bars, be it those belonging to BSP, SP and BJP.
  • Medha Patkar who is linked with Congress party for fueling sentiments post Gujrat riots nominated by AAP from Mumbai not gujrat.
  • Mukul Tripathi forced to withdraw candidature against Salman Khurshid, says the party is corrupt as donations given in person are never accounted and go straight to Delhi office. 
  • Also, Ashwani Upadhaya alleges that in a secret meeting between Salim Yogendra Yadav & Manish Sisodia with Ahmed Patel & Sandeep Dixit of Congess at Aman Hotel owned by Vadra and it was finalized that party will grow weak against Congress heavy weights. No wonder you don't see candidates against Sonia Gandhi Salman Khurshid, Sachin Pilot & A Raja, 
  • Why does nobody from AAP ever gets prosecuted?? They had dharna outside rail bhawan FIRs were filed nothing was done. Somnath Bharti's spam and porn links aside police came with report blaming him for Khirki Incident, nothing was done. They held violent protests outside BJP office, no idea what happened after that. Inks were thrown by AAP;s own volunteers at Yogendra Yadav nothing was done to him, Arvind Kejriwal was slapped and hit by his own AAP volunteers still nothing was done. If they make Jarnail Singh,the person who is messiah of all shoe throwers people a nominee for LS seat they will generally follow in his footsteps for their minutes of fame.
Drama, Tamasha
  • Media hungry party always looking to create a tamasha out of nothing. 
  • Sat on dharna outside Rail Bhavan when in power just before Republic Day just to save face of Spamnath Bharti. Reports have proved he was responsible for all the drama at Khirki. 
  • Quit govt in 49 days to fight Lok Sabha elections and proving everybody that its because of Jan Lokpal. Simple logic, if AAP claims that it brought down corruption in just 49 days without Jan Lokpal then what was the hype about?? They could have carried out like that for five years. But no, they wanted to satisfy and gain on hype to fight national. Immediately after this their pitch changed from Anti Congress to Anti Modi overnight.
  • Fooled people with free electricity and water promises but at the end gave it subsidy and only to few people.
  • Created hype over CWG audit which till date has revealed nothing, they were no paper still can't give a single proof against the power companies except allegations against Ambani.
  • Claimed to install bus night shelters but poor execution with very few working and that too in worse conditions and poorly planned.
  • Left in lurch the nursery admissions and parents of over a lakh kids had to suffer a harassing three month delay.
Destabalizing India
  • Ex RAW officer gives conclusive evidence that Kejriwal is India's biggest scam and funded by CIA. Recent revelation about Cuban Twitter revolution created by america has an uncanny resemblance to the social campaign run by AAP. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez wrecked its economy and has a story parallel to Kejriwal.
  • Arvind Kejriwal himself declared that Communalism is a bigger problem then Corruption to gather minority votes. Yogendra Yadav said that he is commonly called as Salim when he visited muslim communities. 
  • AAP's founding member Ashwini Upadhaya alleges party funded by CIA and has gross corruption
  • Arvind Kejriwal says that no party will get a majority this time and we should have fresh elections next year when AAP doesn't achieve majority. Crores of money are spent on every elections and a depleting economy can we really afford this. Crucial decisions remain pending and unstable govt lead to flux in development. he should have realized that if he really felt about aam aadmi.
Please vote with sense, logic and for stability. Everybody felt emotional four months ago, its time to get logical.
"Dikhawe pe mat jaao, apni akal lagao"

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