Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stealing Pen needs to be made a criminal offense

Pen Stealing is quite a popular event in schools, colleges and offices in India. But what was assumed to be a harmless activity has now risen to alarming levels. Situation has risen to such an extent that even profitable startups are finding difficult to break even because of Pen picketing by prospective clients. Beside monetary losses, reports have emerged of possible long term devastating consequences.
Traditionally pen has been an important tool in Indian's arsenal and they have always believed that pen is mighter than swords. Schools in India gradually shift the students to pen from pencil hoping to extract the maximum benefit from this saying. Its another thing that many kids use this phrase during pen fighting which is a popular gaming activity during school hours. A Fight club is also being planned with ideas of introducing pen fight in Olympics. But, pen picketing has become a common phenomenon in almost all the institutes & workplaces. It starts with simple borrowing of pens from friends and then pretending to forget giving back to owner. Complacency on the part of owner gives the thief liberty to feel the ownership of the product and hence the development of habit as an acceptable behavior.
Psychologists have warned that these people show tendency to become criminals in future. A popular report by Indian Psychiatric Institute has now come with a verified reports and also cites the example of popular politicians turned criminals who once used to steal the pen. Names have been withheld as of now for obvious reasons. This report has triggered massive outrage among honest kids and officegoers who find it very difficult to regularly buy new pens through their monthly allowance or salaries. Also, the person who loses the pen suffers great pain and agony. The above report also confirms that productivity of person goes down and some cases have also lead to severe depression & loss of sanity.
Arvind Kejriwal is planning a dharna to introduce this law immediately and postpone the elections until this has been implemented. He says that pen picketing gives rise to corruption and thus all politicians with records of pen picketing should be arrested and banned immediately. An associate of Arvind Kejriwal joked that his pen was once taken by Kejriwal but has not be returned since. Kejriwal replied that allegations are wrong and that person is Ambani agent and he borrowed the pen to write his book Swaraj and now he should feel proud of that. That associate is now declared as ex associate and his membership to AAP cancelled.
Cashing on this, GPS companies have come up with solutions and are retrofitting pens with locators which can be tracked. The equipment costs Rs 1000 and can only be put in all pens priced from Re 1 to Re 1000. They are also providing free download of Android and iOS apps. 
Currently we do not have any laws that cover pen lost & recovery. Still swift actions regarding these complaints are taken by police through either LOL or GPL. But people now want more stricter action against habitual offenders.
Meanwhile, Pen manufacturing companies have secretly met with Rahul Gandhi and have been assured that all action will be transparently and women will be empowered to file RTI regarding this. Feeling helpless they are organizing donation drives for Corrupt Politicians Welfare Fund.

Hope all sense prevails and this landmark bill passes through voice vote if and when it comes to parliament.

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