Friday, May 2, 2014

Somnath bharti felicilated post Kejriwal's Time 100 Win

In a huge boost to AAP supporters Arvind Kejriwal has got maximum votes in Time 100 List. This comes among the recent setbacks and reports of AAP's decreasing popularity. And, the one man that has made this 'Impossible Possible' as per AAPians is Mr Somnath Bharti.

AAP considers this win over Modi bigger than Varanasi and the whole Elections 2014. They say that these elections are local and on minute issues like Corruption, Development but Time's 100 is a global phenomenon. Winning also gives a boost to Arvind Kejriwal candidature for UN Security General or possibly challenging Obama in the next elections. As AK has always said that he doesn't have time and the man is in hurry so its just logical to scale up his status. Yogendra Yadav has already up to task on predicting survey for next US Presidential Elections.

Hence, its just obvious that this win matters above anything else achieved by AAP who believe in winning mentality. And this win has come thanks to valiant efforts of Somnath Bharti. Readers must be aware that Somnath Bharti has a rich experience which he founded and went on to become worlds leading Spam company. Initially AAP thought this will be a cakewalk since BJP and Modi will be too busy in local national elecions. But when AAP saw Narendra Modi winning the survey a day before the poll they pressed the emergency button. Somnath Bharti swung in actions and the result is for all to see.

Reports have emerged that Somnath has now regained the respect and they are also pushing him to be a potenial chief minister candidate for Delhi in the case that Kejriwal goes International. On questioned that Somnath Bharti was also accused of racisim. They said that they will resolve this problem by giving all Ugandans AAP Membership and helping them bring a Swaraj in all whole of Africa.

Somnath Bharti is meanwhile quite elated and is planning to launch similar surveys on his own so that AAP can enjoy more wins like that. This way they say AAP can prove the popularity of issues like Prashant Bhushan's referendum, naxalism, Yogendra Yadav's reincarnation as Salim & AAP International Funding Legitmacy. He celebrated this victory with fellow Khirki residents over a glass of Scotch labeled Krantikari, Bahut Krantikari.

Disclaimer : Similar to the survey, this article is a figment of imagination and has no relation to any real party, survey or people and should be merely treated equivalent of Spams, Bots, Fake Profiles, on Twitter and FB as used to up the voting on the survey. Would suggest Time to take a real survey of real people from next time.

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