Friday, May 2, 2014

Big Betting going to predict Next Attack on AAP Members

Credible sources have informed us that a big racket has been found which bets on type of next attack on AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal and its members. Every elections people bet heavily on which party will get majority and how many seats. But, this time a new form of exciting betting in progress on the next mode of attack on Kejriwal. This has also energized the syndicate who were feeling very bored of matches in IPL.

Currently the rates of the betting are :

1. Inks     :   1/4 (Already happened once, and is easily available so chances are high)
2. Slaps   :   1/2 (Happened twice, current favorite of AAP Workers venting their anger)
3. Punch  :   2/1 (Happened once, but require extreme circumstances, plus AAP workers feel that it also                                 endangers health and Shazia Ilmi has clearly said no to this as Kejriwal's innocent face                                   might get affected and will not look good on camera)
4. Eggs    :   3/1( Since, Kejriwal is vegetarian, people have been told to refrain from this, the person who                               threw last time is the only person to be removed for the party)
5. Assault: 10/1(This is holy grail of the betting syndicate, if AAP doesnt get media coverage for three days                            consecutively, they might decide on this too. With recent orchestrated incidents there are                               temptations to have two more attacks before the last two phases respectively)

This betting is getting interesting and all the major betters are now joining AAP themselves to fix the match themselves. Huge money is in play and they are even ready to finance the rest of the elections for this. Dawood has already given okay to this. He is impressed by the fact that even AAP Candidate Anjali Damaniya from Nagpur said that Dawood can fight the elections. Such respect from Indian politicians even congress wasn't expected by him. AAP executive body is also considering to include Legal Betting in their manifesto if the funding comes out good. They say they can say that this is in line with Swaraj idea of Kejriwal as everybody should be allowed to invest their money on his/her choice.

Disclaimer : This article is a satire and has no relation to anything happening on Sky, Dharna, Underwater or in Universe of AAP.

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