Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aam aadmi airlines to be launched soon

Captain Gopinath of Deccan fame who recently joined AAP will be starting a new airlines. The new airlines will be targeted at Aam Aadmis who fly in jets but with a clause that they donate or become a member of Aam Aadmi Party. They said that all airlines are corrupt and have been owned by Ambani and Modi and hence Aam Aadmi do not get seats. A statement from party is highlighting that with this move they will be directly competing with Ambani for private jets and would teach him a lesson for not answering to any of their queries. However no one from AAP was able to comment on why did they questioned Modi for flying in personal jets earlier.

A committee has been formed for designing the look and feel of the aircrafts. It consists of aam aadmis belonging from party notably Arvind Kejriwal, Yogendra Yadav, actress Gul Panag, singer Rabbi Shergill, ex RBS CEO Meera Sanyal and ex Infosys CFO V Balakrishnan & Gopinath. The aircrafts will be redesigned considering taste of aam aadmi and will be designed to resemble Autos, Rickshaws, Arvind Kejriwal's blue wagon R & local trains from outside. They will also have taglines at back like "Horn OK AAP Please", "Ye Party yu hi chalegi" & "Dharna Rocks".

Also, based on aam aadmi demands the airlines will have referendum on airhostess who looked the best while on dharna wearing lungi, mufflers and Aam Aadmi Party topis. Food served in the airlines will be vada pao, samosa, aloo parantha and a special aam aadmi pizza. Daggers were out on the proposal of adding chai to menu and they have now settled to "banta" & "tharra". Banta is a popular lemon based soda drink and tharra is a local hooch. In case of any spills or littering, passengers will be given a special AAP jhadu to clean it . Seats will be replaced by popular rural wooden beds known as "khatiya".

Instead of the safety videos, passenger will hear Arvind Kejriwal speeches about Yogendra Yadav surveys. TV entertainment will also include AAP's dharna videos, Arvind Kejriwal's rallies and on popular demand Somnath Bharti's porn site links.  A special section  titled "Modi exposed" is also being planned. All people with Modi as their surnames are being contacted for the same.

In a speech Arvind Kejriwal said that this will revolutionize the way we travel and will also put a tab on existing airlines. Tickets will not be sold but on a  popular referendum to the highest bidder. It will be truly people's airlines. God Bless!!

Disclaimer : Kripya dhyan de, padte samay kisi bhi cheez se apne aap ko baandh le, hasne ke baad girne se lagi chot ka zimmedar author nahi hoga.

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