Saturday, March 15, 2014

AAP proposes to do away with sources, references in presentations, project reports.

In a big boost to the engineers and MBA students AAP has proposed in their manifesto to do away with mentioning sources & references in PPT's and project reports if voted to power. This comes as a welcome surprises to most of the students. This they say is as a result of powerful persuasion by the AAP core committee which consists mostly of ex journalists. In a random discussion in which Arvind Kejriwal highlighted his personal plight of arranging sources for his book Swaraj; Ashutosh, Ashish Khaitan & Shazia Ilmi failed to understand the needless efforts. They thought it's completely unnecessary to worry about such trivial matters and they have personally never bothered to look into this. Adding to it Yogendra Yadav also gave an example when he handled the campaign of Rahul Gandhi in last elections. Prashant Bhushan a lawyer by profession and Gopal Rai, ex CPI member also supported them.

Backbenchers association welcomed this proposal and have also formed a FB group BackbencherforAAP. Mentioning sources and references have been a major problem to students. A major weapon by professors specially those in IIT, it has been used to wreck grades & career of most of the students. Infact a poll conducted by Yogendra Yadav showed that 80% of students have difficulty in finding sources and references and otherwise have no problem in preparing project reports and presentations as such. This move may also increase truthfulness among students who otherwise take greater pains in finding sources that can be mentioned than actual information which is mostly obtained directly from Wikipedia.

One of the professor wrote a letter writing sixteen questions to AAP against this proposal but that letter has been misplaced by mischievous people. AAP has alleged that all the professors are paid by Modi and they will be put in Jail once AAP comes to power.

Hearing this Doctors have sat on Dharna demanding a blanket ban on laboratory reports and tests as they can treat patients more faster based on intuition and visible effects. If people are corrupt can be declared just by looking them in TV so can the patient be cured just by his appearances. This will increase lead time on curing one patient and new patients with entry fees can be seen more. 

Anyways by the favourable reviews of this proposal, AAP is also contemplating removing Notary Stamp and Gazzetted officer signature for all record purposes. They are thinking since AAP is the most credible source in Universe e Verification by AAP and signature by any AAPtards (sorry AAPian) is sufficient and should be considered in future. Vladimir Putin has already sent his invasion of Ukraine  request to AAP as we speak. 

Disclaimer: All the characters in this article are fictious and resembling to any party/people living, dead or in dharna is purely coincidental. 
P.S. If you have any problem mail me, it's another matter that I won't change the content of article. 

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