Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Delhi Metro upset with Sir Kajriwal

Delhi Metro is reportedly upset with His Highness Kajriwal for gross neglect and unfulfilled promises. After embracing Delhi Metro by travelling in it for taking oath as Chief Minister he has apparently forgotten about it. It was love at first sight for Delhi Metro and it hoped for a long term commitment but what it got was a one day stand. But, Kajriwal apparently didnt even return via Metro after taking oath. Inside reports are also hinting that Kajriwal has purposedly lost his Metro Card so that he can claim innocence. 

It is also miffed that now Kajriwal is openly backing a competitor which goes by the name of WagonR and is blue in color. With so much space jampacked with people, Delhi Metro offers comfortable standing position with ample spaces of headrest on sweaty smelly arms of fellow commuters. It also offers wide variety of views from slums to Delhi Secretariat and has become the preferred mode of transport for Delhi'tes in years. By not travelling even after his resignation, Kajriwal has lead to a tragic love affair gone horribly wrong.

With reports of Kajriwal taking private charter to travel to Delhi, Delhi Metro had a sudden heartache and all trains on all lines stopped for two minutes when Kajriwal even refused to take Airport Metro line to arrive at the event from airport. Even after revival trains are running slow as after affects of shock. Metro officials are finding difficult to console it and there are plans to request PM Modi to visit Delhi Metro on his next visit to the capital to revive it after breakup.

But, things don't seem to come to end as in a sign of clear jealousy Delhi Metro has written a letter to local trains in Mumbai to avoid Kajriwal on his Mumbai visit.

Lets hope things become better as now Delhi loves its Metro more than it did to Sir Kajriwal.

Disclaimer :  The characters in this article are fictitious and any resemblance to any Aam Aadmi/object/train/party/car,  living/dead/on dharna or in hidden conservation with PunyaPaap is purely coincidental.

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