Thursday, March 13, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal is reincarnation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

To explain the U-Turns with speed of light, Yogendra Yadav today said that Arvind Kejriwal is reincarnation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Yogendra Yadav also said that he himself is a direct descendant of Robert Louis Stevenson, the creator of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and he also showed documents of certification by AAP Members which currently is the only legitimate proof for everything in India.

Yadav also explained that the now famous cough and muffler look of Kejriwal was created to hide his split personality disorders. But with so much U-turns happening recently, an apologetic Yadav said that its best to come out with truth and expressed his sympathy with Kejriwal. With all hope lost of winning elections Yadav played the sympathetic card and expressed public support and votes to continue this charade.

He also explained that Kejriwal is undergoing extensive psychological treatment as part of which he is made to assume CM, PM, SC Judge, US President, Solar System Owner, Milky Way Creator etc among others. Insider reports say that when AAP had to pull up the stunt of Delhi govt falling, he suffered a sudden breakdown in health. With no hopes of improvement they had to use Leonardo Di Caprio of 'Inception' fame to plant the Anti- Modi Dream in Mr Hyde part to bring out the best in Kejriwal. A small program tweek borrowed from Congress was also done in which CTRL+H was done with all occurrences of corruption with communalism. The trials for this was carried out last year when public was highlighted that AAP will remove corruption. This technique was referred to as a great innovation in which part personality dreaming was invoked to plant a flimsy thought successfully. This was a master trump card and soon revived Kejriwal and fit enough to fight for national elections.

A special Dharna has been called on 1st April, the April Fools Day by AAPians to express solidarity with their founder member's condition.

Disclaimer : All characters/names/party are dream sequences from Karan Johar's film and have no relation to any reality. In case of any resemblances like AAP being equated as Congress B Team, these are just coincidences and their is no deliberate attempt to equate anything.

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