Monday, March 24, 2014

DC Comics to sue Aam Aadmi Party for copyright violation

DC Comics the creator of Batman is contemplating suing Aam Aadmi Party for copyright violation for its supervillian Bane. In a top secret meeting held at their headquarters Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan have clearly emphasized that AAP strategy and speeches mirror the Bane character and its background story. They are impressed with this however they also believe that its unfair and that proper credits are not given to them.

Considering impressive display of AAP in Delhi elections it has been widely reported in media that AAP's anarchy bears a close resemblance to Bane rise in Dark Knight rises. Also they have in the past reported that Modi's rise also equals the Dark Knight Batman himself but all those articles and reports have been either banned or prohibited by Congress lead UPA govt. A famous image given below is also trending on twitter

This has caught DC Comics eye and they are pursuing legal action for the same. Although credible sources are also saying that there is slight opposition in the board since some are saying that this may be useful in reviving the Bane character itself. They say they can tie up with AAP and fund them to have their logo on all AAP banners & advertisements. This is welcome news for AAP who are facing shortage of funds for the coming elections. One fan has also posted as using Jhadu(Broom) as a powerful weapon for Bane since he got easily defeated by Batman.

It will be a win-win situation for both as DC comics as they will gain extensively in the big Indian Market. On being questioned, few AAP volunteers quashed the view that they will attract negative publicity. They believe that any publicity is good publicity and also cited examples that Yogendra Yadav's survey after the Dharna proved that. Somnath Bharti firm has already started spamming this rumour and made replaced their porn sites with fan sites for the same.

Disclaimer : Please treat this as satire, having no relation to anybody living/dead or on dharna.

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